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General terms and conditions

STOCKHAUSEN - the living toy land GmbH



Every user has to follow the instructions of the staff. The staff
has the right to exercise domiciliary rights. The play equipment and play areas must be used carefully and

properly so that the STOCKHAUSEN- das lively Toy Land GmbH facility, especially the play equipment and play

areas, does not suffer any material damage.


Obligation to supervise

The parents or the accompanying adults must inform the children about the proper and proper use of the play equipment before they enter. Stockhausen - das lively Toyland GmbH is not a childcare center.
For children under 3 years of age, the "Knirpsenwelt" is available, which was set up with the special needs of small children in mind. Outside of this area, the parents or the accompanying adults must ensure that the children do not come into contact with small play parts that could be swallowed. Children under 7 years of age are only allowed in when accompanied by an adult. In addition, the parents or adults accompanying children who have passed the age of 7 must comply with their statutory duty of supervision. The parents or the accompanying adults decide which games are suitable for the child's age, in particular their mental and physical development level.



The play equipment and play areas have been tested by TÜV, so that safe play is possible when used properly. The STOCKHAUSEN- das lively Toysland GmbH is only liable for damages according to the legal regulations. The users, parents or supervising adults are liable for damage caused by improper use of the play equipment and play areas in accordance with the statutory provisions.

The use of the play facilities by adults under the influence of alcohol is not permitted, and Stockhausen- das lively Toysland GmbH accepts no liability for damage.

No liability is accepted for cloakroom, valuables or cash. Every user has the opportunity to take these things with them into every play area or to store them in the lockers offered.


food and drinks

Since the lively toy land has its own gastronomy, you should not bring your own food.


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