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Please note in general for our house:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to consume food and drinks you have brought with you. Except: food for babies and allergy sufferers.



... the small and large appetites are catered for in our small bistro on the ground floor.


We have, for example, spaghetti with tomato sauce, pancakes with applesauce, potato salad or pasta salad with sausages or meatballs. Everything also in children's portions, but also in XXL sizes on request.


Every day we bake our world-famous toy country cake fresh, and you can enjoy coffee, cappuccino or latte macciato as well as various types of ice cream.


Non-alcoholic drinks and juices as well as beer, wine and sparkling wine are available.




SUMMER CAFÉ (in the outdoor play area)


In the warm season you can sit outside under parasols in our lovingly designed summer cafe with a view of the Saigerhütte.


The same food and drink menu applies as in the bistro.



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