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Playground / indoor area ...

... everything is over here

                 ecological solid wood ....

In our historic granary, in the middle of the medieval Saigerhütte Olbernhau, you will find 1,100 square meters of play area and 3 play floors, action areas for romping around, sliding, climbing and play areas for quiet, communicative play and role-playing games. The special thing about us is that everything is made of WOOD!

In the summer our playhouse is supplemented by a wonderful outdoor play area.


  • ... bring a change of shoes ...

  • ... we have lockers for you. Key against deposit) ...

  • ... entire ground floor with underfloor heating ...



Experience great fun in a 10 m high wooden climbing castle, with different floors, connected by ladders and stairs as well as a turbulent tube slide.


  • The entire ground floor is equipped with floor heating.



Hide in the labyrinth or climb a cube wall, you can do that in the oversized cube world. In the 1.80 mx 1.80 m large wooden cube elements with climbing nets, crawling tubes and tunnels, there are numerous possibilities for climbing, hanging around and romping around.


In this area you will also find a slide with handles for small playmates.



Whether it's a play wall, grocery store, dollhouse, wooden train or marble run - countless play stations can be shared with friends or family be tried out.




In addition to toys for toddlers such as rocking horses, toddler swings, mobiles and motor skills games, there are also playpen, changing table and a comfortable seating area in this area.

  • this area for small children is specially secured

  • there is a stroller parking space in the house

  • we offer the possibility of heating baby food




In this area you can try out puzzle, board and card games in the family. A table tennis table invites you to get active (table tennis rackets for a deposit or you can bring your own). The grown-ups can relax, browse or chat in a cozy seating area.


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